Returning to my WIPs #Iamwriting

Hey Everyone,

I’m still around and kicking. It has been a hectic last couple of years with the college courses I’ve been taking. I think the worst is just about over as I am beginning to see a lull in the middle of the term which may give me that time I need to start writing once again. Next month I will be a senior with four more terms until I graduate with my Bachelor’s Degree. Then I will have one year left as I seek my Masters of Science in Accounting.

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I think my writing style may have changed for the better. We will see as time progresses and those WIPs move closer to completion. Then there will be the edits and hopefully, I will have a few Beta Readers by then to tell me what they like and dislike about the stories so I can maybe tweak the storyline a little bit.

In fact, today I located my files for Insane Desires and the Lady from Hayata. It took me almost an hour to track down the correct file for Insane Desires. I knew I had quite a bit done, more than all the other files were saying.

I think I will be moving away from using Scrivener. I have found the software distracting, and I can get more done when I am using Word.

Scrivener is a pretty cool program, but it has too many bells and whistles to play with, and I always am more productive with Word.

The Writopedia word counter meters are not working at this time. Both books are right around 33% done.

NaNoWriMo is right around the corner. I may decide to sit this one out and focus on finishing at least one of the WIPs this year.


How about you? What is your preferred writing software?

Finding the Keyboard

It’s been months, no almost a year since I sat down at the keyboard to work on one of my stories.

It feels great to be able to get past the chapter that was blocking the progress. So far, this week I have added nearly 3k words to Insane Desires. My plan is to continue tackling this story and complete the first draft by the end of summer. I don’t plan on getting crazy with word counts. Just working one hour a day on this has added more words than what was written for the entire year.

I will try to post a weekly progress update announcing the weekly word count.

Small word chunks will be written during one hours time. Goal – to perform daily.

Happy summer!

lnelson547-300dpi-3125x4167 (11)
Word count for 6/22/2017 = 26,030

Word count goal for this book is set at 50K minimum, but more will be better.

I love this cover!

Doggie Umbrellas?

Doggie Umbrella can be purchased at The online store that has everything.

I thought Halloween costumes were far fetched, but this one tosses the ball further into the field of rainy day syndrome.

Oh gosh! My pup Keelaa would love to have one of these. She hates going out in the rain so much, that one would wonder if she thought she were a cat. If she had one of these, she’d need rain boots too. Getting her feet wet is under rated. When it rains, she hems and haws about leaving the deck and walking in the wet grass.

Maybe Santa will put one under the tree for her this year.

Is Facebook Fading Away?

I remember when Facebook became the new social media of the times. I was a Myspace person. That was the site that brought me into the social media structure. I love the way the site was structured. Everyone had a page that resembled a mini website. We could put widgets and photos up to decorate our site and make it personable. But unfortunately, this wasn’t for everyone. Some people thought that Myspace was too complicated to maneuver.

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Then Facebook opened, and we all flocked there instead while Myspace became the social media of the past. Now, it is a site for music lovers.

I don’t think Facebook it is going away anytime soon. I still see many of my friends posting on a regular basis. I believe we are filtering out the information we pay attention to more. As far as popularity goes, I don’t think the site has lost its edge. Though, I never had many teenage friends anyways.

Maybe the teens are becoming educated about the damaging effects social media can have on their future careers if they don’t use the site properly. One of the biggest promotions to the media platform was the negative news media Facebook received in the early stages of its life. That was when teens, mostly, were committing cyber bullying with adverse consequences on people’s lives. This seems to be less of a problem these days.

I’m on Facebook. I don’t think I use the site anymore or any less than I did in the beginning. For me, the site is about catching up on the latest news about friends, family, co-workers, and classmates. It is the alternative to picking up the phone to talk to someone. We share images and videos to show the events that are happening in our lives. I feel I have become a little bit closer to those who I have friended on Facebook over the years. Not everyone, but more so if I had never connected with them.

The majority of my social media time is spent on Facebook, closely followed by Twitter.

I heard that Facebook has a new privacy policy. Supposedly the policy allows the company to use our posts for advertising. I really don’t think they should be doing this. But then again, we do post photos all the time and share this media with friends and family, leaving the door open for anyone who would like to use our content. I guess copyright laws do not apply to Facebook, bringing about an ethical question.

Will we draw the line if a new social media site becomes popular?

Maybe, but for now, I will continue to be a Facebook user.

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African Gray – Is this a Pet Match for You?

Image used via creative commons, courtesy of By: saiberiac

Pet Lovers Divide

Dogs and Cats to the left and Birds to the right, but those who love birds can also be all around pet lovers of all animals. Be careful you don’t become a pet hoarder. No pet likes living in a zoo, and that is what your house will become if you start hoarding pets. They need care and loving not just a place to sit on their tail while you busy your day away slaving at your day job and meeting your friends on the weekend.

All pets need attention.

Birds need attention too. No, you don’t need to throw a stick for them to fetch nor a ball. They will be happy to sit on the back of the sofa and watching TV with you. That sort of thing is fine by them. If you do this, make certain you have a cloth to cover the back of your sofa because they will defecate. Some birds can be trained to poop in their cage, but that takes time.

Expect noise!

Birds can be noisier than dogs, believe it or not. An African Gray can mimic many sounds. They are the most verbal of all the parrots and have been known to learn the vocabulary of a five-year-old. I’m not sure if you can hold a conversation with them since I don’t have first-hand knowledge. My experience was with a Moluccan Cockatoo. Gorgeous bird, also very noisy if needing attention. They can scream like a banshee and then some.

We had fun with our Cockatoo years ago before the kids were born, but as soon as I had a baby to care for, I didn’t have the time or energy to spend with my beloved pet bird. We gave her up for adoption in hopes that she found someone who would have the time to spend with her. We were young back then and wanted to spend time with our friends too. Also, we both worked full-time jobs and juggled the kids between first and second shifts to avoid having to use a sitter.

Birds can be comical.

Whisper was her name, kind of ironic for a bird who could make such a deafening sound when she wanted. We named her that because she would make soft sounds that would sound sort of like a whisper. When she hollered, she would throw back her head, her crest would go straight up, such a lovely peach color. Then she would squawk or scream.

One day, when we had opened her cage to allow her to go about freely, she climbed down from her cage and strutted across the floor. When she turned the corner, lo and behold, our Lhasa was headed straight for her. The two were almost the same size, only the bird was bigger than the dog. Their brakes slammed on causing them both to skid across the wooden floors, almost crashing into each other. Then they both hightailed it back from whence they came. That was their first meeting.

Birds are fun

Even though they are fun, they are work too, like any pet. The more pets you have, the more work you have to do. Clean them, feed them, and keep them happy.

If I were ever to have another Parrot

I would probably settle for an African Gray. They require a smaller cage. A larger one if you want to fill it up with lots of toys and gadgets for while you are away at work. I would take a very young bird to make sure it learned to bond with my family and me. Some birds can have a temper and bite.

Their ability to talk is what attracts me most to this type of parrot. I wonder if this was probably one of the reasons the bird was a favorite among Pirates?

“Walk the plank Matey.”


Overflowing the Bucket #List #everydayinspiration

Image courtesy of creative commons By: Bureau of Land Management via

Like everyone else I know that is my age, I too have a bucket list. It seems that as soon as I can check one thing off my list two more things take its place.

Things I’ve done:

Been married

Had Children

Now I have Grandchildren

Owned a horse

Keep pet chickens

Have dogs and cats

Canned fruits and vegetables

Baked a cake from scratch

Climbed Mount Chocorua

Climbed Mount Monadnock

Rode a bike

Fished in a lake and the ocean

Caught a shark

Caught a monkfish

Bought a car

Bought a home

Made a quilt

Knitted a sweater

Written and published a book

Written a Romance

Spoke in Public

Gone back to School

Traveled to New York State

Traveled to Vermont

Traveled to Maine

Traveled to Pennsylvania

Traveled to Washington DC

Traveled to North Carolina


Some of the things I hope to do in the coming years before I die. Hopefully, I’ll be around for another 50 years to give me extra time to visit places far away.

Things I Want to do:

Get my Degree

Write Another Romance

Buy a Piece of Land on a Lake

Make the Best Seller’s List

Build a Log Cabin

Go to a Fisher Cat’s Game

Go to a Patriot’s Game

Go to a Bruin’s Game

Go to a Celtic’s Game

Run a 5k Road race – just to do

See my Daughter earn a college degree


Travel to Nova Scotia

Travel to Alaska

Travel to Hawaii

Travel to the British Isles

Travel to Norway

Travel to Italy

Travel to Germany

Travel to South America

Travel to Australia