Piracy – Free advertisement or Stolen Sales?

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Almost every author will experience pirated copies of their books at least once in their lifetime. Should I feel honored or perturbed to discover that The Dubious Heir has found its way onto a website that is guilty of copyright infringement for not only my book but many other authors’ works can be found on this site as well?

I try to google my books from time to time, just to see how they are appearing in the search engine. Boy, was I surprised to discover that the entire book was uploaded on a website for all to view for free.

Not too long ago, I did offer a free promotion through Draft 2 Digital. However, that free eBook is to be regulated by the vendors that D2D distribute to like Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo, and Amazon.

Pirated copies not only steal from the author but also take from those vendors. No wonder Barnes and Noble’s sales are down, even for the free titles.

I guess that the site hosting the free pirated books is a host for viruses as well.


How do you go about a DMCA takedown notice?


First one needs to discover the name of the host for the website. Once you know who the host is then you can go future with notifying the host and then having the host inform the server.

Sometimes this does not work right away and may require several complaints against the website.


Hosting Checker – https://hostingchecker.com/


I found that the website of concern is being hosted by Cloudflare.com.


I then have filed a complaint with them about the website and notified them about copyright infringement. Amazon KDP would have an issue with any eBook found on a site such as this and would penalize the author if their works were found published for the public viewing when seeking to take part in the KDP program.


My next step is to wait and see if the website is taken down.


In the meantime, you might want to check the site and see if any of your works are being infringed upon.


https://100vampirenovels.net – Pirate website


What are your experiences with Pirate websites?


How did you manage to enforce the DMCA?


Did you sue over copyright infringement?